Get your house sold today FOR CASH NO MATTER THE CONDITION

Do you need to sell your home FAST?

We buy houses in Dayton, Ohio regardless of the condition, tenants, price, neighborhood, etc. We help homeowners of all kinds get rid of their unwanted homes no matter the reason.

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And more. Contact us today and get an all-cash offer for your home within days. Regardless of your circumstances we can have a check in your hands in as little as a week. We will take your home AS IS. NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

So many of our clients try listing their home first only to wish they had come to us sooner. They could have made more money or obtained instant debt relief if they had just sold their home for cash. Don't make the same mistake! Contact us today.

You’ll Never Sell Your Home the Old Way Again!

Using Dayton Cash for Homes is the easiest way to get the maximum cash offer for your home as quickly as possible without the high fees, long wait times, and red-tape.

People in Dayton are starting to realize the traditional process is way too expensive and buyers are way too picky. Why go through all of that hassle when you can skip it and get a big cash offer right away?

With us you get:

Need cash ASAP? Don’t wait months for your home to sell. We will buy your home for cash in as little as a week. Or you can just choose your closing date and get your money then. It’s up to you!


We’ve helped countless homeowners in the local area sell their homes fast. Just check out our testimonials. Your money is placed in an insured escrow so you have nothing to worry about.


We take your home AS IS. No need to show your home to random strangers, put your life on hold, or deal with all of that stress. One in-home consultation and we’ll have your offer instantly.

  No fees or commission:

Commissions are sky high and closing costs eat into your profits. Let us handle all of that. With us, there are no fees, no commission, and no closing costs!


All of our consultations are no-pressure and no-obligation. We have made our reputation based on top notch customer service. We know the situation you’re in and want to come to a deal that helps both sides.


We believe there is potential in every home no matter the condition or location. You want to sell and we want to buy, so we make the highest cash offers to speed the process up and make a mutually beneficial deal!

What if My House Needs Work?

​​​​Are you worried that the condition of your home will prevent you from selling? Don’t be.

Our cash offers come with no strings attached and no contingencies. We buy homes no matter the condition. You are not responsible for repairs, renovation, or cleanup. Let us handle all of that. You just focus on closing this chapter in life.

​We have helped so many homeowners and their families move on from their unwanted or undesirable homes as quickly as possible. Our full-service home buying group takes care of everything so you don’t have to. If you can’t afford to cover the costs, don’t worry. It’s on us.

Creative Solutions to Sell Your Dayton Home

We specialize in finding a way when others can’t. You might think your situation is unique and there’s no way you could possibly sell, but trust us—we’ve seen it all.

No matter if you are under water with your mortgage, unable to afford rent or renovations, going through a difficult divorce, or needing to relocate immediately for unforeseen reasons, we have a solution for you.

Whether it’s giving you all cash up front, taking over your monthly payments, or figuring out a more creative solution somewhere in the middle, there’s no home that we won’t buy.

Sell Your Home in Just 5 Easy Steps

At Dayton Cash for Homes, we make selling your home easier than it has ever been before. Just contact us, set up a consultation, receive your offer, and get paid. That’s really all!

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Set Up Your Consultation:

Contact us today and we’ll set up your no-obligation consultation. Just let us know the basic details of your home and why you are selling so we can find the best solution for you.

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HOme Vi​sit:

We’ll send one of our purchasing experts out to you ASAP or at a time convenient for you. Don’t worry about the condition of your home. We aren’t picky! During your visit, we will answer any and all questions and confirm details of the purchase. After one of our experts evaluates your home, you will receive your offer.

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Your Cash O​ffer:

We make the highest possible cash offer based on your home’s value as soon as the evaluation is complete. This puts money in your pocket as quickly as possible.

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Accept a​nd​​​​ Close:

As soon as you accept our offer, we provide all of the paperwork, set up escrow, and get you your cash immediately. Just tell us which closing date works best for you and we will make it happen. The best part? You don’t have to wait forever to get your money. We will put cash in your hands almost instantly!

Why You Should Sell Your Home for Cash in Dayton, Ohio

More and more homeowners are selling their homes for cash than ever before. The traditional process of listing your home, and playing the waiting game has too many drawbacks. If you’re in a difficult situation or just want your money as quickly as possible, you need to find a better way.

Sure, the traditional route might help you sell your home for more money, but after fees, closing costs, and wasted time, how much more are you really making? In reality, when you consider monthly payments on your home on top of it all, you are probably losing money!

Going the old-fashioned way just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you’ve ever tried to sell your Dayton home through the traditional way, then you already know what we are talking about:

High fees:

You will typically pay percentage points on the sale of your home. Even though some claim their services are “free”, this is not true. You could pay well over 5% of the price and sometimes more.

Long Wait Times:

If you really want to sell your home for a fair price, it could take up to a year or more. There will be countless showings, negotiations, paperwork, and headaches. At the very least you are looking at a few months before the home is sold. And we haven’t even mentioned waiting for your money. If you need to sell fast, you have no time to spare. We can have your money in a matter of days.

Dead Ends:

Anyone who has sold their home before knows there’s nothing worse than working with a buyer who backs out after a month of negotiations. All of that wasted time could have been better spent elsewhere. With us, we always follow through on our offers. We buy homes no matter the condition.

You Are Responsible for the Home’s Condition:

If you want to sell your home the traditional route, you are responsible for cleanup and maintenance. Nobody will want to buy a dirty or damaged home. Nobody except us! Save all of that time and sweat and get your home sold fast.

Red Tape:

All of that paperwork amounts to a lot of stress and major headaches. When dealing with agencies, the government, banks, and who knows who else, you’ll have to sign a million forms. If you just deal with us in cash, we take care of all of the paperwork and set up a safe escrow for you.

At Dayton Cash for Homes, we treat you like a friend. There is no judgement about your situation. We’ve helped homeowners escape from debt, sell their unwanted homes for cash, and move on in life no matter the situation. So if you owe taxes, are behind on your payments, can’t afford repairs, or just want to sell inherited property fast, schedule your free no obligation consultation with us immediately and we’ll buy your home for cash.

We buy homes for cash in Dayton, Ohio no matter the condition, payments, location, or tenants. You’ve got nothing to lose. If you want to sell your home, we guarantee to make you an unbeatable cash offer. Contact us today and get your cash in as little as a week. There’s no work for you. We handle EVERYTHING.

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